The Russian Propaganda Distortion Field Around The White House

I am having a difficult time reconciling what is going on with the White House right now. The distortion field around the administration right now feels like some bad acid trip from the 1980s, before I learned how to find the good LSD. After losing their shit over her emails and Benghazi, they are willing to overlook Russia fucking with our election on so many levels and infiltrating the White House. Wacky. Just fucking wacky!

The way Russia has fed the poor folk in this country a steady diet of bullshit is pretty crafty, as well as disturbing. Their approach to disinformation has dovetailed nicely with the approach of the GOP in this country. As usual, I am trying to understand and visualize the algorithmic distortion in this conversation, and how our current administration could be so heavily under the influence of Russian propaganda.

I'm going through Russian propaganda archives looking for the right colors and textures to shine a light on the algorithmic distortion raining down on the White House as part of this ongoing Russian cyber attack. I'm using the posters I've found to train some machine learning models, and the first one has come off the cloud pipeline and was ready for applying to some images to see what the effect might be. I started with a couple photos I've taken of the White House. One from the lawn, and one from inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB) while I was working there. 

I like the results. It makes it look like the distortion field around the White House are just dense pamphlets raining down from above, dens like Internet packets aggregating on a wireless network fighting to get in. It's fascinating to watch people be so willfully ignorant to see the algorithmic distortion around them. Even with all the talk of wireless, mobile, the web, and cyber warfare. They don't see how they are under assault from information and disinformation--something the Russians seem to excel at.

There are 3 other posters being used to train machine learning models right now. I can only do one at a time and each one takes about 12 hours. Then it will take me about another week or so of applying them to images to find what works and doesn't work with the filters. I have about 40 individual filters currently, and I have been focusing heavily on dystopian textures in the previous round. I am thinking that this round I'll focus on colors and textures I can use to highlight the effects of the cyber on our reality -- I hear it is going to be huge. 

Here is the look from next door....

Here is the view from the front lawn...