Rebuilding the Texture Transfer ML Process

Historically the ML models I have trained for Algorotoscope have been fairly dark in nature. I had the training wheels of the models that came with the ML process that I adopted, but then I quickly began training on Salvador Dali and playing around with a distortion in time, but then found myself drowning in Nazi and Russian propaganda. I would take these models and apply them to normal everyday photos I have taken—obfuscating the darkness in the texture applied to each photo. Now, I am flipping the polarity, training more positive models, but then applying them to darker photos, experimenting with how I can further obfuscate the real world around was with digital textures. I have two models to demonstrate how I am seeing things.

Train Travel to California

Applied to Train Travel in California

Oakland, California Bridge

Applied to Oakland, California Bridge

Early on in my exploration I wanted to take previous propaganda and make pictures distorted in an algorithmic way using this old world images. Now I am feeling like I want to take old world marketing and use it to distort in an algorithmic way the photos I am taking as I walk around my community, state, and wider. As always, I have no idea where I am going with this. I am just exploring machine learning in my own way, taking photographs, and playing around with how I can mix the two to say something.

I historically have used my images in my storytelling on API Evangelist. Using everyday photos that are obfuscated with some pretty dark propaganda from our pasts to quietly show the distortion field that is being created using APIs. These new round of photos most likely will have no place in my API Evangelist storytelling, pushing me to use on my Alternate channels, Kin Lane, and other places I am expressing myself online. I am happy that I finally have my text transfer ML process back working, and I also now have two more models to play with when it comes to applying to photos. I’ll keep learning where these photos translate best. How the clouds, rocks, buildings, people, and other real world objects get obfuscated, and I’ll work to take photos that bring this out in new and interesting ways.