Nazi Invasion

Around Charlottesville I started getting pretty dark with my view on things. I just couldn't understand how people I love and care about could still be supporting what was happening. It demonstrated for me how our the white supremecy in this country isn't something new, it is part of the foundation of this country, and something that is being amplified and distorted using the Internet. Reviving deep hatred that exists in this country, which was something that is sadly supported all the way up to the White House.

The photos are photos I took in Germany and in the US, leveraging meaning from the photos I take, the propaganda posters I steal from, as well as the images that come out the other end after I apply the machine learning filters to them. Using the red from the posters to show how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet will continue to spread hatred in new and terrifying ways.

Tags: Nazi, Anti-Semitism, Charlottesville, Hatred, Dark


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