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algorithmic rotoscope

Experimentation in applying texture to video using machine learning via APIs.


This is a new project for me. I am just getting going understanding what is possible with applying algorithmic / machine learning filtering to images and video. You are welcome to contact me about this work, as I'm happy to answer questions as I have the time and come up for air.

The best ways to reach me is:

  • Submit Github Issue - These stay associated with the project, and end up in my inbox.
  • Email - You are welcome to email me directly, but I only give limited time to my inbox, unless prioritized by project (Github), or otherwise.
  • Twitter - I'm usually pretty responsive to a Tweet or DM.

I am happy to entertain questions, and even possibly work in applying algorithmic rotoscoping to other video projects. It is a costly thing to accomplish in both time and compute / storage capacity, but is worthwhile exploring if you are looking to transform your video.

Let me know your thoughts!