Nazi Poster

Once I was done this dark hole after Charlottesville I wanted to see what other shadows I could pull from this propaganda from our past. Showing how this type of propaganda hasn't gone away and is currently being cultivated, amplified, and spread using the Internet. Distorting many of the conversations we have online, and giving more power and voice to the hatred that exists across American society. I found the ways in which Facebook, Twitter, and other social media shaped the immigration debate in this country using algorithms, APIs, and other Internet technology to be pretty disturbing stuff. Forcing me to question much of what I know about the history of the country, and what I was taught as a child by people I respected.

Tags: Nazi, Anti-Semitism, Charlottesville, Hatred, Dark


Border Crossing

Viewing Immigration

Walling Us Off

Capital Hill

Downtown USA

Ellis Island

Los Angeles

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